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Business Insights Put Information in Canada's Foodservice Facts to Work for You
Restaurants Canada's Annual Facts publication now includes Business Insights to help you take the information provided and put it to work.  Facts and data are good for your business if you know what to do with them.

Creating an emotional connection with your restaurant’s guests
Imagine how successful your restaurant would be if your customers needed to come to you, instead of you spending money marketing to convince them to come to you.

How to train your staff for operations success
Getting the right people for the guest proposition you offer is the most important step in giving your guests great service. Once you have good people, you need to turn your mind to getting the most out of them.

Sustainable restaurant food - some basics that are often forgotten
There is nothing sustainable about bad food.  There is also no "green agenda" when it comes to basic food quality.  Lose your way on the basics, and you may find yourself not making money; and not making money is the fastest way to make your restaurant un-sustainable.

Keeping tabs on food and beverage costs
With food and beverage costs eating up more than one-third of a restaurant operation’s sales, it makes good sense – and more than a few dollars – for operators to keep close tabs on their food and beverage costs.

How to achieve Operations Excellence
The best operators are guest focused. They do everything they can to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and then some.

Going Head to Head with Retail 
Guest counts are the engine that makes your restaurants tick. Keep your biggest competitor in mind when looking to build your guest counts and you’ll be able to capture at home occasions from the grocery store giants.

Effective Marketing – Do What Works ( |
The role of marketing is to increase the speed of sales. Marketing doesn’t make sales, it helps sales happen. 

Putting your Aces in their Places
There is no better thing you can do for your business than to get the right people for the right job. The less you have to manage your people, the more money you will make. The same rule applies when you put your best people on the floor.

Concentrate on your core strengths
How should a restaurant operator deal with a cash strapped consumer? Treat them better than your competitors. Deliver on the value you provide. When you work hard on what you are really good at you will succeed.

Culinary matters when it’s a moneymaker
The formula for making money on culinary is as much about sticking to what you are good at as it is about being on top of the latest culinary trends. The more you sort out the innovations that work from the ones that do not, the better.

The Formula For Making Money
The guest counts, the margins the square footage and the cash on cash returns that will make you a bigger success.

Supply Chain Takes a Licking in 2010
It was a tough year in restaurants in 2010 - more burgers and fewer steaks.

Gaining a Return on Your Regulars
Listening to your best customers can be the difference between winning and losing in the market-share game.

Are Your Suppliers Building You or Killing You?
Past the table stakes is the land of the great supplier; the one that builds you. And they have a secret.

The Hospitality Gene: How to Pick the Right People
How do you sum up the importance of people in our business? It's simple: There is no business without them!
Are You up for The Challenge?
Long term forecasts in the restaurant industry are challenging, to say the least. What matters most when playing the 'market share game'?

Extending Your Brand
Using fast casual concepts to extend your restaurant’s offerings.

How to Get the Most for Your Restaurant Business
Having a good exit strategy, and putting it in place well before you want to sell.