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National Restaurant and Foodservice Show - 2012

  • The Formula for Making Money : It’s all about guest counts. Learn how to build sustainable profits by increasing your traffic counts significantly.
  • The Formula for Saving Money:  The fastest way to save money is to get more guests. Once they come, learn how do you make sure the sales growth ends up on your bottom line.
Canadian National Restaruant and Foodservices Show 2011:
  • Operations Productivity, and
  • The Formula For Making Money in Restaurants 
Atlantic Canada’s Foodservice and Hospitality Trade Show - 2011
  • Making More Cash – Operations Productivity

2010 Alberta Foodservice Expo - 2010

[_private/line.htm]Maple Leaf’s Think Food Innovation Centre - 2011

The changing face of the Canadian Foodservice landscape: The key profit drivers for Canadian restaurants learning how they can build business in kilos and case volumes by making your customer’s model deliver more sustainable, profitable growth.[_private/line.htm]

The Muskoka District Chefs Association - 2011

  • The Formula For Making Money In The Hospitality Industry